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OnePlus 5G phone: everything you need to know

Never ones to rest on their laurels, OnePlus appears to be priming another new phone.

But this time, it promises to be even more radical than the recently released OnePlus 6T.

That’s because it packs 5G. The new breed of super-fast networks are edging closer to reality, so what has the Chinese upstart mobile maker got planned to help it take advantage?

Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the OnePlus 5G phone.

Can't wait for OnePlus' 5G phone? The warmly reviewed 6T is available to buy now.

It won't be the OnePlus 7

When OnePlus revealed to Cnet that it was working on a 5G phone, it was at pains to point out that it was not the OnePlus 7.

That means this device will form part of a whole new range, a first for the mobile maker.

Until now, it’s concentrated on regularly updating its one–off smartphone, which packs in cutting-edge features at around half the price of its pricier rivals.

This 5G model will change all of that.

Out in time for Mobile World Congress?

mobile world congress

The OnePlus staffer who revealed its 5G plans said that the handset would be launched in early 2019.

The most likely place for it to garner the most attention would be at Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona from 25th to 28th February.

That will give it the chance to go head to head with the new Samsung Galaxy S10, as well as other new handsets from the world’s biggest manufacturers.

Expect a heftier price tag

The OnePlus 6T starts at £499 SIM–free. That makes it half the price of the basic iPhone XS with twice the storage.

It’s doubtful the OnePlus 5G will come in at such a keen price.

With recent reports suggesting Apple could add a premium of around £300 for its 5G phone when it lands in 2020, expect OnePlus to sell its new range for closer to £750.

That means this will be a lot more niche than the devices it already sells.

Infrastructure still needs to catch up

5G vs 4G

For all its 5G plans, OnePlus may find that being one of the first to market presents it with major issues.

While future proofing consumers may be tempted, the fact remains that 5G is very much a work in progress.

O2, EE and Vodafone are all conducting trials of the next–generation network, with plans for a 2019 launch.

But with new masts needed, only users in major cities will be able to take advantage of the ultra fast speeds that the phone will offer. It may be a case of launching too soon.

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