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  5. Adobe Photoshop comes to the Android Market

Adobe Photoshop comes to the Android Market

Adobe Photoshop comes to the Android Market

The power of Photoshop has been miniaturised and after iPhone owners were treated to the mobile version of the photo editing application, Android handset owners have now been offered exactly the same opportunity.

By no means the least of the attractions of the release of Photoshop on the Android Market is that it is available to download free of charge.

The Android version of Photoshop is virtually identical to the iPhone app. This means that Android handset owners will be able to use the software to view all of their photos in portrait or landscape mode.

The built in accelerometers in certain Android handsets will automatically adjust the orientation of your pictures as you tilt the phone to view them.

It will also allow you to adjust and alter every aspect of your photographs, letting you re-size and crop images. It also comes with numerous visual effects with which those of a more creative disposition will want to play.

If you sign up for a account online you can use the Photoshop app to upload your manipulated images and share them online. You can either pick the images you wish to upload, or set the app to automatically send your pictures to the web.

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