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Dev kit for Android 2.1 released

Dev kit for Android 2.1 released

After angering third party app developers by not releasing the SDK for Android 2.1 before the Nexus One was launched, Google has managed to get the tools out to a vexed Android community.

Although most of the publicity surrounding the Nexus One has focused on the technical details of the phone itself, the brand new version of the Android OS that it utilises was in many ways as important.

Developers were left stranded when they were not provided with the necessary tools to test out their apps and check their compatibility with the new version of Android.

Google has said in a press release that version 2.1 does not make many changes over 2.0, which partly explains the delayed release of the SDK.

The new version of Android supports a few enhanced features, including augmented voice control for speech to text dictation in text messages and emails.

Now that the SDK has finally been provided to expectant developers, they will be able to start creating content and apps which make the most of the Nexus One and Android 2.1.

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