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  5. Android phone controlled robot created

Android phone controlled robot created

Android phone controlled robot created

The little green robot that is featured as the Android operating system's logo has been turned into a real life working automaton that can actually be controlled using an Android-based smartphone.

Check out the remote controlled Android in action below

The robot is sadly embedded into a flat base bearing the Android name, which means that it cannot move, but it does have a variety of other functions.

These include a moving head, moving arms, multiple coloured LED eyes and several communicative audio blasts which bear an uncanny resemblance to a certain blue and white robot from George Lucas' famous space movie franchise.

The robot has been caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube, with the video showing that wireless control is possible via a HTC smartphone running the Android platform. Each function of the robot can be modified minutely thanks to sliders, according to Recombu.

The Android robot seems to be an unofficial project, as it was knocked up by two Japanese enthusiasts, so it probably will never make it to market as a consumer gadget.

However, there is no telling whether Google might get on-board with the idea and use its financial muscle to promote this charming mobile operating system mascot.

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