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UK fandroids warm to Android 2.2

UK fandroids warm to Android 2.2

The arrival of Android 2.2 on multiple smartphones in the UK has been met with encouraging noises from consumers, as the upgrade brings a raft of previously unseen functions to their handsets.

The positive consensus on the latest iteration of the operating system was reached by a number of T3 magazine readers, who expressed their reactions on Twitter.

Responses include praise for the fact that Android 2.2 runs smoother than its predecessor and is well optimised. Widespread appreciation is also evidence for the inclusion of native Flash 10.1 support.

Users have also opined that the HTC Desire was a good partner for Android 2.2, with the web browser loading pages faster and the menu system experiencing less lag to spoil the experience.

The ability to install applications to microSD memory card is apparently another welcome addition to the Android 2.2 package.

Currently only UK Desire owners who have unlocked handsets can download and run Android 2.2 on their handsets.

These positive reactions from Desire users who own unlocked units will definitely have network-associated owners chomping at the bit to see official updates rolled out from their individual providers.

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