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Amazon launching Android app store

Amazon launching Android app store

Online retail giant is to open an app store for Android phones, reports suggest.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which claims to have seen a document sent out to Android developers, Amazon plans to take a 30 per cent cut from each app sold.

No indication has been given when the market would launch or what it might be called. Nonetheless, the news is likely to be cheered by Fandroids piqued by Google’s apparent inability to implement an effective filter on its proprietary Android Market.

Commenting on developments, Gartner analyst Ray Valdez said he expected more third-party app stores, as companies woke up to commercial opportunities they offer.

He stated: "New people will continue to introduce app stores-carrier telcos, device manufacturers, e-commerce sites.

“But it will be like people having a fax machine - it is not a game changer, but just part of doing business.”

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