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Android Ice Cream to end fragmentation?

Android Ice Cream to end fragmentation?

The next iteration of Android could call time on the fragmentation problems that have blighted Google’s platform, industry insiders have hinted.

According to sources cited by GTV Source and Phandroid, Google is attempting to unify the tablet optimised Honeycomb iteration of the OS with the smartphone-only Gingerbread version under the Ice Cream banner.

At the crux of the move is a plan for the Android Open Source Code for the different takes on Android to be merged. The chief advantage of this is there would only be one code base to update, allowing new functionality to be added to devices across the board more easily via synchronised updates.

It also promises to speed up the arrival of platform updates, meaning more devices will be on the same, brand new version of Android.

GTV Source also discloses that under the search giant’s grand plan, Google TV is to be merged with Android too, allowing a library of on-demand TV content to be viewed on handsets and clear the way for easy synching between the service, tablets and smartphones.

Google is expected to break cover with Ice Cream in May.


GTV Source


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