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  5. Android Market gets device compatibility list

Android Market gets device compatibility list

Android Market gets device compatibility list

Google took its sweet, sweet time, but a much-needed and much-demanded mechanism to inform Fandroids of exactly which of their devices are compatible with a particular app has been introduced on the web-based Android Market.

Users who have been connected their Google accounts to Android powered devices can now log in to the Android Market website to see whether an app they are looking to download will work or not on any of the devices associated with their account.

Until now, developers have been forced to detail compatibility information about their ware on the app description itself, which often gets buried deep beneath all the sales-ey mumbo jumbo scribed to make people download the apps and is consequently ignored by users.

Recently, Motorola chief Sanjay Jha blamed nearly 70 per cent of all Moto’s returned Android handsets on apps that aren’t meant to work with them.

Fragmentation due to frequently changing hardware specs on a glut of devices has long been the bane of Google’s platform, which is widely forecast to take pole position in the global smartphone market by 2015.

The search giant has yet to officially announce the feature or when it would be adding it to the mobile Android Market too. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we do.



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