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  5. OnePlus 5T set for iPhone–style gesture control

OnePlus 5T set for iPhone–style gesture control

OnePlus 5T hero image

OnePlus is working on bringing gesture controls to its excellent 5T smartphone, in a move that will bring it closer in line with Apple’s iPhone X.

With no home button, the iPhone X is reliant on gestures to make the device tick. This includes swiping up to open from the bottom of the screen to access the home page and swiping right to see apps and widget information.

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OnePlus has done something broadly similar as part of its wider testing of Google’s Android Oreo software.

The upstart mobile-maker has dropped the navigation bar, allowing users to swipe up to access the home page and recent apps and right to go back to the previous screen.

Reddit user MisterMrMister, who discovered the change, said: “The gesture for going home is pretty smooth and responsive, including going to the recent app overview. The gesture for the back button is a hit or miss for me right now.”

With OnePlus still testing Android Oreo with developers, it’s not yet clear when this feature will make it into the wider world.

But when it does it will be another reason to snap up the excellent, affordable OnePlus 5T.



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