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TV Packages

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    10 of 30 results
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    Uswitch rated takes into account deals that are proving to be popular with our customers, that are competitive in the market and have a smooth buying process.
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    Super fast fibre optic broadband means smoother video-streaming, better online gaming and quicker sharing of photos and videos.
    10 of 30 results
    Sorted by: Uswitch rated
    Uswitch rated takes into account deals that are proving to be popular with our customers, that are competitive in the market and have a smooth buying process.
    1. Sky

      Sky Stream, Sky Entertainment & Netflix

      - Mbps
      £19.00 a month
      no setup cost
      • £50 voucher
    2. Sky

      Sky Stream, Netflix & Superfast Broadband

      61 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £36.00 a month
      no setup cost
      • £50 voucher
    3. Sky

      Sky Stream, Netflix & Ultrafast Broadband

      145 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £39.00 a month
      no setup cost
      • £50 voucher
    4. Amazon

      Amazon Prime Video

      - Mbps
      £8.99 a month
      no setup cost
    5. Virgin Media

      Virgin Media Big Bundle, Ultrafast Fibre Broadband + Phone

      264 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £32.99 a month
      no setup cost
      • 6 bottles of wine or £50 bill credit
      • Most Popular Broadband Provider
    6. Sky

      Sky Stream, Sky Sports, Netflix & Ultrafast Broadband

      145 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £59.00 a month
      no setup cost
      • £50 voucher
    7. Sky

      Sky Stream, Netflix & Ultrafast Plus Broadband

      500 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £46.00 a month
      no setup cost
      • £50 voucher
    8. Sky

      Sky Stream, Sky Sports, Netflix & Superfast Broadband

      61 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £56.00 a month
      no setup cost
      • £50 voucher
    9. Sky

      Sky Stream, Sky Cinema, Netflix & Ultrafast Broadband

      145 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £47.00 a month
      no setup cost
      • £50 voucher
    10. BT

      BT Fibre 2 & Entertainment

      67 Mbps
      average UK speed*
      £41.99 a month
      no setup cost
      • £50 BT reward card
      • Most Reliable Broadband Provider
    About these results

    *Average speeds are based on the download speed available to at least 50% of customers with this product during peak time (8 to 10pm). Your actual speeds depend on factors like your connection type, area, time of day and distance from the telephone exchange.

    Deals are subject to local availability and may not be available to existing customers. You can confirm availability and estimated speeds for your property on the provider’s website - this may be different to what we show.

    Some providers may increase monthly costs each year during your contract, in line with the retail or consumer price index. Check their terms before signing up.

    We’ve highlighted some recent Uswitch Award winners on our table.

    How our site works

    Uswitch services are provided at no cost to you, but we may receive a commission from the companies we refer you to. This helps to keep our site free for you to use. Sometimes we have commercial agreements with providers to highlight deals that we think are worth your consideration. These deals are labelled 'sponsored'.

    At Uswitch, you can view a wide selection of TV packages from leading TV providers, streaming services and other digital platforms.

    Traditional TV providers often bundle their services with broadband packages too, which can give you even better value for their money. So if you're looking to combine your bills for a cheaper overall rate, our deals tables might offer a TV & broadband package that's right for you.

    What to look for in UK TV packages

    TV packages in the UK vary quite a lot depending on your choice of provider and TV service. When looking for the right deal, it’s important to first consider your TV viewing habits.

    Do you like to watch new TV shows and movies as soon as they’re available?

    If you love watching the latest TV shows and new movies as soon as they're released, you’ll probably want to go for a bigger digital TV package from providers like Sky and Virgin Media.

    Do you watch a lot of live sport?

    Live sports are available on a number of TV packages, but usually on the most expensive ones.

    If you want to watch live sport, it can work out to be more cost effective to subscribe to a larger TV package that includes all of the ones you want to watch. Individually adding separate services like Sky Sports and TNT Sports can quickly get expensive.

    Do you have kids – young or old – who need quite a lot of entertainment?

    Kids channels are usually included in TV packages from providers like Sky and Virgin Media – as are a number of music channels and reality TV channels for the teenagers. But you can add these services individually on streaming services like NOW.

    Do you like to have the TV on in the background and just rewatch episodes of your favourite shows?

    Don’t discount the simple pleasure of having a constant stream of comfort content ready to watch.

    Streaming services give you a great choice of content. But sometimes the act of having to make a choice means you never press play. Having access to a wide range of digital channels in bundle TV packages can be a great comfort that you don’t need to deny yourself.

    Do you only really use streaming services these days and don’t tend to watch any other TV?

    If you prefer to binge your content and don’t really watch TV in the traditional format anymore, streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, NOW and Amazon Prime are perfect for you. Just make sure you’ve got a good broadband connection and you’re ready to go.

    How to get the best TV package deals

    The best TV package deals will often be linked to a broadband provider. And since you need good internet to enjoy most TV services (especially on-demand and catch-up), it makes sense to start looking for TV deals from your broadband provider.

    If your provider doesn’t offer TV package deals, or at least not the kind that you’re looking for, it’s time to look at what other TV providers can offer.

    TV packages from the top TV providers UK

    Currently, the biggest TV providers in the UK market are Sky, BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk. Below we will look at the TV packages offered by each to help you find the best deals out there.


    Sky's Signature package includes a wide variety of pay-TV channels, including Sky Atlantic, FOX, Comedy Central and dedicated music and documentary channels like Discovery and Nat Geo Wild. If that's not enough, you can add and remove 31-day packs for Box Sets, HD or kids' content.

    Sky’s Multiscreen option — which you can add for a fee — is also great as it allows you to enjoy Sky channels in different rooms in the same household at the same time.

    Best TV packages from Sky

    Sky Signature is perfect for families and those that want access to as much TV content as possible. You can bundle in flexible access to Sky Sports, box sets and even Netflix and Disney Plus.

    When it comes to sheer volume of content and the number of ways in which you and your family can watch it, Sky TV is still your best choice.

    Virgin Media TV

    Virgin Media has simplified its TV packages which are available as part of its broadband, TV and phone bundles. These include the Big Bundle, Bigger Bundle, and Ultimate Oomph Bundle, offering 100+, 190+ and 230+ channels respectively.

    Best TV packages from Virgin Media

    While the Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph TV package offers a huge selection of content, it’s the lower-end Big Bundle which probably offers the best value for most TV viewers.

    The combination of over 100 premium channels bundled in with Virgin Media’s broadband, makes it a top-range broadband and TV package for a very reasonable price.

    Check out the latest Virgin Media broadband and TV deals.

    BT TV

    BT and Sky recently called a truce in their battle for the airing rights to live sports in the UK. Their new collaboration has made it easier than ever for BT fans to access exclusive Sky content and vice versa.

    As such, BT TV users can easily access a range of Sky channels on flexible monthly passes on the NOW streaming service. In return, Sky customers can add TNT Sports (formerly known as BT Sport) in with its Sky Sports packages.

    BT TV has five TV packages: Entertainment, Big Entertainment, Sport, Big Sport, and VIP.

    Best TV packages from BT TV

    The best TV packages from BT TV include TNT Sports which is an absolute must for sports fans. BT Big Sport includes access to all the TNT Sports channels and all 11 Sky Sports channels at one of the cheapest monthly rates available.

    Compare TV packages by genres

    There are TV packages specially designed for sports fans, TV lovers, movie buffs and kids. Most of the time you'll find packages that offer the channels you want in related genres. In some cases, you can mix and match them into bundles or subscribe to individual channels to create your own personalised TV package.

    The most expensive TV packages are those that include movie channels and sports channels, but there are key TV packages that can make even these affordable.

    Cheapest TV package for movies

    The cheapest TV package for movies is typically the NOW Cinema membership which you can purchase individually for £11.99 or add to other services like BT TV or TalkTalk TV. The NOW Cinema membership lets you watch thousands of new and classic movies, plus get a brand new premiere every day.

    Cheapest TV sports package

    The trick to getting the cheapest TV sports package is thinking about how much live sport you want to watch. The best sport package will be one that gives you access to the matches and events that you want to see for the best price.

    Are you interested in golf, rugby, Formula 1, boxing? Or are you just here for the football? As TV sports channels are typically the most expensive, make sure you’re selective when looking for the best sport package.

    If you’re an all-rounds sports fan and want to be able to watch it all, it can be tricky to find the cheapest TV sports package that gives you access to both Sky Sports and TNT Sports.

    While it may cost the same to purchase TNT Sports from Sky as it does to purchase Sky Sports from BT, BT TV allows you to get a sports TV package without having to subscribe to all the other entertainment channels too.

    Read our guide on the what’s the cheapest way to watch football on TV for more details.

    Broadband and TV package deals

    TV and broadband bundles are great for consumers looking to consolidate their monthly outlay on entertainment and internet access, which often tend to be quite expensive when taken separately.

    By picking a TV and broadband bundle, you’ll be paying fewer bills and potentially saving hundreds of pounds a year.

    All the top TV and broadband providers now offer simple and affordable TV and broadband bundles including BT, Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, EE, and Plusnet.