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Savvy Switchers

You've probably heard about how you should switch your energy deal to save money — but some of us are better at ticking that task off our list than others.

It turns out, your likelihood to switch could have something to do with where you live. Are you in a region of savvy switchers, or could you and your neighbours be letting thousands of pounds go to waste?


Which region is most likely to switch?

Uswitch has crunched the numbers and found where in England, Scotland and Wales are the most and least likely places for residents to be switching their energy.

Most likely areas to switch

  1. St Albans — average saving: £337
  2. Stockport — average saving: £304
  3. Preston — average saving: £277
  4. Huddersfield — average saving: £287
  5. Reading — average saving: £286
  6. Hemel Hempstead — average saving: £316
  7. Harrogate — average saving: £302
  8. Guildford — average saving: £314
  9. Stevenage — average saving: £284
  10. Chelmsford — average saving: £305

Least likely areas to switch

  1. Dumfries — average saving: £236
  2. Swansea — average saving: £226
  3. Paisley — average saving: £271
  4. Inverness — average saving: £236
  5. London — average saving: £264
  6. Perth — average saving: £257
  7. Dundee — average saving: £255
  8. Kirkwall — average saving: £235
  9. Shetland Islands — average saving: £281
  10. Outer Hebrides — average saving: £198
propensity to switch energy map

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Why switch?

65% of energy customers are still on expensive standard variable tariffs (energy suppliers' default tariffs). Switching to a fixed deal could save an average of £287 and only takes minutes.

More than half of us are already worried about winter bill costs

There's been over one price rise per week in 2018 — putting pressure on people's budgets.

Over half (52%) of bill payers are already worried about this winter’s energy bills, compared to 32% last year. Switching energy supplier is a good way to cut unecessary household costs, and even better, it's a simple task that could save you £287 per year.

It seems people living in major cities such as London, Cardiff, Liverpool and Brighton are less likely to switch — and commuter towns like St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Reading and Guildford are some of the best areas at shopping around for better deals.

How was this calculated?

Likelihood to switch = switches in a post code area through Uswitch divided by total number of households in that post code area.

Average switching savings for regions: total savings in a postcode area divided by number of switches in that post code area.