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Petrol prices up to £1.20 a litre – How to lower the cost of driving

Fuel gague

With fuel prices on the up, what can you do to keep the cost of driving down?

So, petrol prices have hit an all-time high of £1.20 a litre, thanks to rising wholesale prices and 1p increase in fuel duty on 1st April.

It now costs almost £60 to fill up a small family car, so it’s easy to see why some drivers might be feeling slightly desperate and wondering just how they can afford to keep their car on the road.

So what can you do to combat the rising cost of petrol?

Well, it might sound obvious, but make sure you’re paying as little for your fuel as possible – try a site like – it’s like uSwitch, but for petrol! You have to sign-up, but it’s free to use and shows you where to get the cheapest petrol in your area – there’s even an iPhone app.

Also, before you get in the car, ask yourself if you really need to drive? It’s easy to get into the habit of popping out for a pint of milk in the car, because it’s quicker than walking, but the cost of all these little trips can really add up.  It’s also a good idea to try and get as much done in one trip as you can, e.g combine picking up the kids with collecting the dry cleaning and doing the shopping.  It might be worth seeing if you can share lifts to work etc to share the cost.  You could also try a website like MyLifts or CarShare which match you with someone who’s making the same journey as you, so you can split the cost.

There’s also hypermiling, which is driving in the most fuel efficient way possible.  Tips include making sure your tyres are inflated to the recommended level, reducing excess weight in the car and avoid rapid braking and accelerating.  You can see more tips in our article on hypermiling.  Some people are real hypermiling fanatics, and can get very competitive about how little fuel they can use – take a look at Hypermiling Forum for more info.

Finally, enter our competition to win a year’s free petrol of diesel worth up to £1,800 – all you have to do is get a car insurance quote!