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Facebook and social networking privacy

Facebook is changing its privacy settings, after the site came in for some pretty fierce criticism over how private it keeps our personal information.

From today (26th May) new, simpler privacy settings will be introduced – which should give all of us who use Facebook  some more control over who can see our profiles and in how much detail.

The changes come in the wake of a mini-scandal over something called the “Instant Personalisation Pilot Programme” which meant that Facebook shared personal information about some users with external websites without their knowledge and specific consent.

If you’re concerned about the privacy settings on your Facebook account, try’s tool which scans for potential risks.  I thought I had protected myself fairly well on Facebook, but the ReclaimPrivacy tool showed me otherwise.  It only took a few minutes to use and highlighted a few ways I could keep my personal information safer.

We’ve also put together some tips on staying safe on social networking sites that we hope will help you to protect your privacy.