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Can I afford to go green?

I’ve been thinking about green energy plans recently – I’d like to make the switch from my normal (fairly cheap) plan and do my bit for the environment, but I have to admit that the prospect of a bigger gas and electricity bill did put me off somewhat.

I can’t be the only one in this position, so I started doing a bit of research for an article on ways to make green energy cheaper.

I found that my current annual bill of around £655 would only go up by £30 a year if I switched to Ovo’s Green Energy Fixed dual fuel deal. However, this plan isn’t on the Green Energy Certification Scheme’s list of accredited plans.

If I want to go for an accredited plan, my best option is ScottishPower’s Simply Green, at an extra £90 a year.

Another option is to split the cost – go for a green electricity plan, and the cheapest possible deal on gas.  So I looked at that option too – if went with the Green Energy Certification Scheme-approved Future Energy plan from British Gas for electricity and npower’s Sign-Online V18 for gas my annual bill would work out at around £710, or £55 pounds more than I pay at the moment.

I also looked into the fuel mix of the different energy suppliers (that’s the breakdown of different fuels they use to generate their electricity, e.g. coal, nuclear, renewable etc). My current supplier, npower, gets 5% of all of its electricity from renewables, however ScottishPower has the cheapest dual fuel plan on the market for me at around £590 AND gets more of its electricity from renewable sources (6.9%) so I could save money and be greener.

On balance though, I think I’ll switch to Ovo – it may not have the Green Energy Certification Scheme stamp of approval, but 100% renewable energy for an extra £30 a year seems like a good choice to me.