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The gas and electricity postcode lottery

You might have noticed our story on the gas and electricity postcode lottery today in the papers today – our research found that gas and electricity prices vary by an average of £100 between different areas, even though customers are on the same energy plan, paying by the same method and using the same amount of energy.  For example, the same energy plan can cost £1031 in Cardiff or £1017 in London but only £842 in Nottingham!

Audrey Gallacher, Head of Energy Policy at Consumer Focus, commented on our findings: “While prices will vary due to the different cost of distributing energy in each region, these figures show just how important it is for consumers to make sure they are getting the best possible deal in their area. The best way for people to cut their bills is by using a Consumer Focus accredited price comparison site to get the best online deals, paying by monthly direct debit and taking advantage of grants to make their home more energy efficient.”

Take a look at the  table below to see how your area fares…and don’t forget to come and do a comparison to make sure you get the best deal on your gas and electricity.