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Show and tell: annual energy statements

I got my first annual energy statement this week, so I thought I’d do a bit of a ‘show and tell’ to give you all an idea of what to expect if you haven’t received one yet.

If you haven’t heard anything about them before, annual energy statements are exactly what they sound like – a statement from your energy supplier which tells you how much gas and/or electricity you used over the last year and how much you’re expected to use in the coming year.  They’re being rolled-out between now and December, so keep your eyes peeled for yours.

Mine came in the post with my normal bill, and this is what it looked like:

(You can click on the image to see a larger version)

As you can see, it told me how much gas and electricity I used in the laxt 12 months, gave me a prediction for my usage for the  next year and and also for how much that would cost if I stayed on the same plan. My plan name is on there too, along with a run-down of the discounts I’m getting.

It was a great reminder to do a comparison and check that I was getting the best deal – I found all the information I needed to do one on the annual statement, which was really handy (no need to go hunting around in drawers for my old bills!).  It turned out that the deal I signed up for last year was still pretty competitive, but I managed to save around £35 to switching to another deal with the same supplier – it’s not a lot, but definitely worth having!

I’d love to hear what you think about annual energy stataments – I found mine really useful, but what about you? Do you think they’re valuable, or not worth the paper they’re written on?

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  • michael conrad wilson

    Yes, the whole billing business is an old fashioned mess.
    We are with Atlantic, and although they have finally updated their website, one can only view bills that are month/s out of date.
    Meanwhile we are paying off our billing backlog with some difficulty and intend to go back to quarterly billing unless Atlantic can come up with a proper ‘instant- online’ system, like a bank.
    We have been inputting our gas and electricity readings online on every fierst day of the month, and expect a more up to date statement of our account.
    I think our experience is typical of the mickey mouse side of the industry.

  • Liz Phillips

    I have found that keeping a monthly tally of both gas and electricity meter readings to be a very powerful tool when arguing about the amount of my direct debit with my providers. It also makes me far more aware of my use of both types of energy.

  • Chris Aitken

    I have not received my statement yet, but check all the time about moving my utilities

  • Chris Aitken

    If anyone can save me money I will always listen, no matter how big or small

  • Chris Aitken

    Good idea about making notes of usage, good bargaining tool

  • Chris Aitken

    I am with EON, not had a problem with them so far, but all ears

  • barbara

    Always check your meter readings against the one you were sent, even if they’re not estimated. My supplier tried to charge me nearly £300 ontop of my £150 quarterly payments I had made, tollaling my gas bill to £450 this quater. It was less all over the winter so I knew it was wrong and argued the case with them. We finally discovered the bloke who read the meter took down the wrong reading.

  • Chris Aitken

    I think my next review is in November 2010

  • Chris Aitken

    Please just keep me informed of any good deals

  • Chris Aitken

    interesting the meter readers read wrong sometimes, but I do keep a check

  • Chris Aitken

    who is offering the best deals at the moment

  • Chris Aitken

    if you can save me money let me know

  • Rodney Tulloch

    Having switched supplier a couple of months ago, I don’t know who to expect my energy statement from. Will I get one at all?

    • Lauren Pope

      Hi Rodney – you should still recieve one even though you’ve switched. I would imagine the estimate for your next year’s allowance will be worked out according to how much energy you’ve used to date. You could give your new energy supplier a call to ask them when you can expect it and for a bit more information.

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