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Happy New Year from the customer service team


Gareth and the rest of the team are here to help Image by Leo Reynolds via Flickr

In February of last year I wrote about my life as a Customer Services Representative at uSwitch, and how easy it was for me and my colleagues to help you save money on your utility bills.

Since the last time I wrote, much as changed in the country and unfortunately not in the direction any of us wish to see.

To begin with, over the last few months most of the UK`s energy suppliers have announced gas and electricity price rises – this comes at a time when the temperature outside is plummeting and the jobless total is reaching a record high. Those people fortunate to be employed during these hard times are resigned to the fact that pay rises are likely to be (like the weather this December) frozen for a considerable time.

Just as you think things can`t get any worse, HM Government is giving us the Happy New Year gift of a VAT increase to 20% and Insurance Premium Tax ( IPT) increase to 6%. You could decide to travel away to get away from all this doom and gloom, but even when you do that you`re going to be greeted with the knowledge that train fares are increasing by their highest levels for years.

Like last time I wrote to you, there is always some good news amongst all the bad things of the last few months. This good news is only the click of a button, or a free phone call away here at uSwitch. It seems that too many people are still allowing the energy companies of this country to take more money from them than they actually need to.

The New Year is the perfect time to take a look at your gas and electricity. Christmas shopping might be weighing on your bank balance and your energy usage is higher at this time of year, so the savings you can make this time of year will also be higher.

I love working at uSwitch, I`ve been given the opportunity to do a job which only helps people save money, rather than encouraging them to spend it. So next time my phone rings, please let it be you because you can guarantee a Happy New Year 2011 by saving yourself money with uSwitch today.

Happy New Year 2011!