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British Gas price rise: MD Ian Peters explains

British Gas prices has gone up by 18% on gas and 16% on electricity. In this video Ian Peters, MD of British Gas, explains why.

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  • I am too busy reading about the News Of The World to comment on this price rise.

  • devonseaglass

    Since most UK electricity is made from coal-fired power stations, and this accounts for 42% of electricity costs, why an increase of 16%? (Actually my Tier 2 tariff is increasing by 22%). This implies that coal has increased by 38% in cost…

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  • Georgie

    Discrace …. These people do not think of the common man. There will always be an England but for how much longer under current circumstances ….

  • Mike

    I have just retrieved my lastest bill and substituted the NEW unit prices into it. Both gas and electric bills increase by 22%. British Gas said the increase was 16% for electric and 18% for gas.
    Sorry, I don’t see that! What is their response to this I wonder!

    • Maya Robert

      Hi Mike,
      The 16% / 18% that was publicised is only an average so different tariffs may see different price changes unfortunately.