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Undercover Boss: interview with npower’s Kevin McCullough

What’s he got to say?

Kevin McCullough, Chief Operating Officer of npower, recently took part in Channel 4′s Undercover Boss series.

He went incognito and worked alongside npower’s staff to find out what things are really like at the company.

We met him to find out a bit more about the Undercover Boss experience.


The programme airs at 9pm tonight (2/8/2011) on Channel 4 – we’ll be tweeting throughout at @uSwitchUK.

What do you think about npower being on Undercover Boss? Is it a positive or a negative? Do you think it will make a difference to npower in the future? Post a comment and let us know what you think.

Take a look at our exclusive blog post from Kevin on the Undercover Boss experience.

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  • Former NP customer.

    The programme highlighted for me how badly NPower and other Suppliers perform when it comes to the basics of the business.i.e. billing, customer service and sales performance.They were quick to throw £44 at the missed appointments and failed to identify why it was going wrong. The boss, at the top of his own organisation floundered when it came to understanding how the prepayment customer had lost their previous DD discount through poor advice.

    This ‘secret millionare’ threw a few goodies at the very nice employees involved and said he would invest in a better computer system. It didn’t get anywhere the root of the problem for me which is overcomplexity and the rush to grab market share without the systems , processes or manpower to cope.

    They didn’t reflect the real core issues affecting customers daily, concerning high prices, tariff complexity, tariff changes, payment monitoring, dodgy doorstep sales selling inferior priced products, anti competitive termination fees and undertrained staff on the front line call centres.

    It would be interesting to ask why NP felt it good policy to dismiss customer’s legitimate complaints and claims following the unearthing of their ‘gas sculpting overcharges’. The Executive Team were fully at the heart of that long running Corporate Cover up until their hand was finally forced by diligent campaigners.

    Fair play to the ‘undercover boss’ for putting himself out there. There needs to be a massive step change to turn things round to regain customer confidence.

    • Dakkar

      @Former NP Customer I think you’ll find that the £44 that was ‘quickly thrown away’ are know as guaranteed standards of service payments and set out by Ofgem for all suppliers! Do you really think that C4 would show all of the conversation with the customer and what was said aftwards? In a 1 hour show? I think not!

      • Former NP customer

        Gosh,you seem a little sensitive to my point. Do you know for sure that the segment we saw was edited? Wouldn’t it have shown NP in better light if it was addressing the source issue. The customer was on the second missed appointment, so clearly nothing was done first time round.
        How many GS payments have been made in similar circumstances? What was the reason for the problem? Resources, planning, poor communication (certainly with the customer) or what else?

    • Anonymous

      Npower had zero editorial control over what was shown last night. The final decisions were Channel 4s alone.

      • Former Npower customer.

        I’m struggling to see the relevance.

        Are you saying that in the normal course of events,the complaint handlers, would start off a route and branch investigation into why a customer had been let down? However, we didn’t see that edited bit ! You see, I don’t believe that they do, because they are swamped with ongoing complaints. So the vicious circle continues.

        Anyway, I thought Mr Mccullough wanted customer input. I have provided my feedback on the programme and some of the issues it highlighted to me. If you don’t like the genuine message, can I suggest you don’t read any more comments.

  • Lauren Pope

    Hi Jason,

    This is a comment section, rather than a way of emailing Kevin – I will forward your comment to him though.


  • Anonymous

    Gosh,you seem a little defensive about it. How many guaranteed standard payments have been made by Npower for similar circumstances? This was the customer’s second missed appointment and they had taken time off work. So the evidence seems to point to the fact that the source problems are not being resolved.
    Do you know for sure that the section we saw was edited or just surmising?

    • Anonymous

      I know for definite it was edited, I know somebody who was there.

      • Former Npower Customer

        So it was edited ?

        Instead of finding a peripheral issue,why don’t you as an NPower employee come up with some answers and solutions to the problems seen in the programme.After all,it was the Undercover Boss’s initiative to discover the painful truth.

        He touched on a flavour of it. It was a long way short of sufferring the frustrations of dealing with Npower or the other Suppliers. He was stressed ! He should try it from the customer end.

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  • Anonymous

    im a n power meter reader and im up for redundancie at this moment in time, and i can honestley sat the boss has not replied on this blog or the other im on,to any of my mates and i, question just a publicity stunt in our eyes.

  • Anonymous

    To-Mr Kevin McCullough,
    I have posted an e-mail message to you & await your reply.
    Fingers Crossed. Watched your appearance on T.V.
    Was quite impressed & want to believe in your sincerity with
    keeping NPOWER customers happy & satisfied.
    Mrs Mary Barnes
    P.S. Brand New NPower User.!!!

  • Mrs Worton

    I have serious issues with Npower, how do I contact Mr Mccullough personally.As I am not getting anywhere via the trained to reapeat lines muppets called customer services.

  • yvonne

    npower have robbed me out of £282 i hate them longlive Edf!