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uSwitch helps you prepare and cope with a possible flood

Image via Crux, Wikimedia

The UK has been hard hit by torrential rain, with over a month’s worth of rain falling in just 24 hours. Sporting events and music concerts have been cancelled as a direct result of the poor weather, leaving many concerned about how the rain will effect the looming Olympics. The rain is expected to continue for at least two weeks, overlapping with the Games.

Ground already sodden with months of rain is unable to properly drain, meaning further rainfall is more likely to cause floods: Find out more about weather in your area with Met Office weather warnings

The floods are estimated to have cost insurers hundreds of millions of pounds. The Telegraph has reported that Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, is in talks with insurers about placing a levy on insurance costs for every household that could result in a 10% rise on an average bill.

However, the move has been criticised as a ‘stealth tax’ on households who aren’t likely to ever be at risk of flooding.

How to prepare for a flood

If you think you might be at risk of a flood, there are some steps you can take to minimise the danger. Prepare a ‘flood kit’ with a torch, waterproof clothing, blankets and clothes to keep you warm, water, food, medication, toys for children and pets, rubber gloves and wellington boots.

In your home, the government advises that you:

– Move furniture and electrical items to safety

– Put flood boards, polythene and sandbags in place

– Turn off electricity, water and gas supplies

– Roll up carpets and rugs

– Unless you have time to remove them, hang curtains over rods

– Move sentimental items to safety

– Put important documents in polythene bags and move to safety

– Check you have all of your insurance documents

If your house has been flooded

– Safety first, move you and and your family upstairs that has a way of evacuating if need be

– Switch off your gas and electricity supply, but do not touch anything electrical in water

– If you have time, place flood protection equipment such as sandbags at entry points in your home

– If you didn’t manage to get your insurance documents, contact your insurer – they should have your details on their database

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