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British Gas take customer feedback on board, but will it work?

Consumers could be winning the war against a confusing energy market as British Gas announced that it would be revolutionising its energy bills.

British Gas has brought a range of new measures into place to make understanding your energy simpler, which include energy bills that are easier to read. Take a look here:

British Gas energy bill (Front)british gas energy bill (back)

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The move came after consultation with the British Gas Customer Board, which consults with customers on how it can improve its services.

The latest feedback found that customers wanted it to be easier to manage their energy costs, so in response, British Gas has:

– Re-designed its bills
– Minimised its tariffs
– Installed 500,000 smart meters  in homes around the UK, and
– Launched a boiler system with Remote Heating Control

Earlier this year, British Gas launched a range of new tariffs after widespread consumer complaints about complicated energy bills that made it difficult for customers to switch energy suppliers.

Regarding the changes to the way energy bills are displayed, British Gas said: “The focus has been shifted from what a customer needs to pay to the ways in which they can save money, as well as a reduction in clutter and jargon, and a simplified snapshot of energy usage.”

“Customers and colleagues have been telling us our old bills were confusing, which leads to customer dissatisfaction and an increase in the number of customer calls,” explained Ian Peters, managing director of British Gas’ Residential Energy.

“Our new bill design is based on customer feedback – it’s clear and simple and appeals to both ‘skimmers’ who want key information in a nutshell and the ‘scrutinisers’ who like to have all the detail.

“Providing customers with clear information and better value will help us build trust and confidence in our brand,” added Ian.

The roll-out begins on the 20th August, so customers can expect to see their bills change very soon.

What do you think about British Gas’ new reforms? Just what we need or too little too late? Leave a comment below: