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iPhone and Android apps to save you money and energy

App-solutely great ways to save from your smartphone!

People use smartphones for just about everything these days and saving energy is no different, so what are the best apps save energy?

iamgreen appiamgreen Battery Saver app

The  iamgreen Battery Saver app actually helps your smartphone to use less energy, by controlling energy-draining features such as brightness and connection to Wi-Fi all on one screen.

The app lets you cut down on areas such as brightness when they are not needed, meaning you won’t have to charge your phone as often.

A study carried out by E.ON at the beginning of the year showed that Brits waste £134 million in overcharging gadgets.

iGo Vampire Calculator

Another app which looks to cut down on energy used unnecessarily by gadgets is the iGo Vampire Calculator.

The Vampire part of its name refers to a concept known as ‘vampire energy’, which sees appliances suck power from the mains even when they are turned off.

igo Vampire Power Calculator

igo Vampire Power Calculator

Apple, which has created the app, suggests that gadgets such as televisions and computer game stations can contribute to 10% of household energy bills through ‘vampire energy’.

The iGo Vampire Calculator works out how much energy these appliances are using so that the householder can switch them off and know exactly what they are saving.

Meter-reading apps

For households without a smart meter, most energy suppliers let your submit meter-readings through an app.

British Gas, SSE,  EDF Energy, E.ON and npower all offer free apps that allow meter readings to be submitted, producing more accurate bills for gas and electricity.

The future?

In the United States, Nest and Ecobee both offer all-in-one thermostat devices, with linked apps which can be used  both in and outside of the home like a remote control.

For example, if you go on holiday and suddenly realise  you’ve left the thermostat set the apps will allow you to control the temperature from your phones.

However, the UK isn’t completely lagging behind. There are lots of energy monitors available that let you monitor your consumption, with linked apps to help you see how much energy you’re using in the home wherever you are.

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