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Do you trust your energy company?

Your MP might not, according to a new poll by Ipsos Mori.

thumbs downA new poll by Ipsos Mori has found that more MPs distrust than trust energy companies, with only 1% polled trusting them  ‘to provide clear information so customers can choose between suppliers.’

MPs also don’t believe energy suppliers when it comes to competition, with 73% distrusting them to ‘offer genuine competition in electricity supply.’

The results show a clear decline since the last such survey was conducted in 2009, with trust in suppliers to deliver genuine competition, protect the vulnerable, offer clear choices and promote environmental improvements all dropping significantly.

‘License to operate’

The poll, which echoed the results of a recent consumer survey conducted on behalf of energy regulator Ofgem, consisted of 92 face to face interviews with a selection of MPs from the three major parties, with the results weighted to represent the House.

Director at Ipsos MORI Reputation Centre Robert Knight, said: “This study underlines the critical importance of trust to the energy industry and the way it impacts on the industry’s ‘licence to operate’ in Britain.

The energy companies need to keep MPs updated on the various industry initiatives, that are designed to address these issues.”

The results may not come as a surprise to the millions of UK households hit by recent price hikes, with the last price rise from E.ON taking effect just before the recent dip in temperatures.