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ScottishPower criticised for increasing service charges

ScottishPower has raised the cost of re installing supplies to households cut off due to debt.

The Scottish Herald is reporting that the energy supplier, one of the biggest in the UK, will be increasing the cost of reinstallation by almost 25%.

Reinstallations occur when a household has their prepayment meter disconnected after falling behind in repayments to their supplier. Standard reinstallations will now cost £124.69  while the cost of installing a prepayment meter will rise to £286.85.

The news, which was shared to customer by letter, follows ScottishPower’s recent introduction of a new tariff, the Online Energy Saver 21, which entered the market as the fourth cheapest plan for the average user.

It follows recent reports that one in four have had choose between living in a warm home without food, or eat and be cold in their house, due to fuel poverty.

Matt Whitaker, energy expert at uSwitch, said: “In these difficult financial times people will be disappointed and probably a bit confused by this letter. In reality, I suspect very few ScottishPower customers will actually be affected, but the letter could be clearer about exactly who is affected, when and why.

“The important thing now is for any customer who is struggling with their bills, or who is thinking of moving to or from a prepayment meter, to call ScottishPower as soon as possible to understand what these charges could mean for them.”

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