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‘Insulate against energy bill rises’ urges NIA

National Insulation Association: ‘Home insulation is the single most effective method of saving money on domestic energy bills’

money in changeConsumers can help to balance the impact of energy bill rises by taking advantage of energy efficiency measures such as insulation, according to one sector body.

The National Insulation Association (NIA) made the announcement following the news that energy supplier First Utility is set to increase many consumers’ dual fuel bills by up to £200.

It is the latest in a series of price increases by smaller energy providers, with the big six expected to follow suit, and many consumers are fearful that the increases will drive them into fuel poverty.

Neil Marshall, chief executive of the NIA, noted that the average dual fuel bill is expected to hit £1,420 by the end of the year, but said there are steps that people can take to offset rising costs and curb the amount of gas and electricity they use.

“Home insulation is the single most effective method of saving money on domestic energy bills, with savings continuing year on year. Householders need to make their homes as energy efficient as possible if they are to beat further price increases,” he explained.

Real savings

According to the NIA, consumers can save up to £320 a year by simply installing cavity wall and loft insulation, while the potential savings available from insulating solid walls and lofts can reach £655.

Mr Marshall added: “Furthermore, according to the Energy Saving Trust, installing cavity wall and loft insulation together costs on average £800; this means they can pay for themselves in less than three years and then provide a return on investment of around 40% per year thereafter.”

It comes after figures from the Association for the Conservation for Energy and the Energy Bill Revolution campaign recently revealed that energy bills in the UK are skyrocketing due to the poor levels of insulation in people’s homes.

As a result, the Energy Bill Revolution campaign called for a programme of home improvements to be made, which would include insulating walls, floors, roofs, doors and windows, subsequently saving members of the public hundreds of pounds a year on their energy bills.

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