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‘Myths’ prevent eligible consumers from switching energy

Energy UK: fallacies ‘get in the way’ for those wanting to switch supplier

energy uk video screenshot simple to switchEnergy trade association Energy UK today revealed new research regarding myths and misunderstandings held by the public when it comes to switching energy supplier.

One of the key findings was that although more than three-fourths (79%) of those surveyed said they would change supplier for a better energy deal, many misunderstood what the switching process entailed and whether or not they were actually eligible to switch.

For example, more than half of respondents thought they would be unable to a switch to a new supplier if they owed their current supplier money. In fact, prepayment customers are able to transfer up to £500 per fuel.

Some mistakenly believed that switching energy required suppliers getting access to their homes (16%), while another 9% thought switching suppliers required getting a new meter.

Debunking the myths

This research has spurred a new video from the organisation, called ‘Simple to switch,’ created with input from energy regulator Ofgem, consumer group Which? and energy price comparison site uSwitch, and other groups and companies.

Angela Knight, chief executive of Energy UK, says the short, animated video will help debunk some of the myths that popped up in their research:

“Most people would consider switching energy supplier but there’s still too many myths getting in the way. The energy industry has already reduced and simplified the number of tariffs, and made it easier to compare and switch to the best deal. Energy UK’s new ‘simple to switch’ film will explode some of the common myths, answer some of the most common doubts about switching and help encourage more people to consider checking out the deals that are best for them.

“Our new research confirms there are still some outdated myths preventing people from seizing the opportunity of saving money through switching. We still have some work to do to educate and reassure people about the benefits of switching and how the process works. But ‘Simple to Switch’ – with its animation and the information on our site is a good first step.”

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