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E.ON boss: ‘Market is competitive’

Chief executive of E.ON UK speaks out against claims the energy market is unfair

E.ON has become the latest member of the big six to defend the energy market’s current composition.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Tony Cocker, chief executive of E.ON UK, said: “There are a number of large players and a number of small players. My view is that number is sufficient.

“There is active and vibrant competition in this marketplace. The companies are very different, have different agendas, and actively compete for the loyalty of their customers.”

Managing poor consumer relations

In a bid to improve the public perception of E.ON, Cocker explained that the company had recently implemented a “reset review” scheme to ensue better customer service. He expressed his satisfaction with progress to date but admitted more needed to be done.

Cocker singled out the need to make sure “we answer the phone as quickly as our customers expect” and that “when our customers call in we can deal with their question first time around rather than passing them around”.

He dismissed Scottish and Southern Energy’s (SSE) recently launched, service related, cash-back scheme as “a bit of showmanship”.

Creating a ‘more level playing field’

The big six currently account for about 95% of the energy market. This large percentage has led many to question the competitiveness of energy prices.

In January 2013 Ofgem announced plans to make it easier for independent suppliers to get a foothold in the energy market. The scheme includes polices which exempt smaller energy suppliers from costs worth roughly £100 per household.

It is hoped that these measures will benefit consumers through increased innovation and lower prices.

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