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5,000 Lanarkshire homes to be powered by renewable energy

Lanarkshire residents could soon see their properties powered by renewable energy after Muirhall Energy secured funding for an ambitious project

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5,000 Lanarkshire homes could benefit from windfarm expansion

Muirhall Energy has announced that it will be working with Santander to deliver the energy saving measures, after the bank put up £9 million to fund a project to expand the Muirhall Windfarm.

The windfarm is located in South Lanarkshire, and houses six wind turbines at the moment, which output 39,000 Megawatts hours (MWh) per year. It has been in operation, helping residents save on their bills, since 2010.

Funding to help expand windfarm production

Santander has revealed that the new funding package will go towards building an additional two turbines at the site. These will be the tallest anywhere in the UK, and will enable the farm to produce some 21,400 additional MWh per year, taking the total capacity to 60,800 MWh.

This is enough to power some 14,300 homes for a year and the bank said this will replace less efficient measures of electricity production such as coal and gas power stations.

It is estimated that the move will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 26,144 tonnes each year.

The work to extend the windfarm is expected to start later this year, and it is hoped that it will be fully operational in its larger guise as of 2014.

This is just one in a number of different projects that Muirhall Energy is currently working on to help homeowners and residents across the country save on their bills.

It is also aiming to install a variety of new sites, ranging from single turbine operations and small to medium windfarms all the way to anaerobic digestion plants. All of these are currently still in the planning and pre-planning stages.

Onshore wind has a ‘leading role’ in energy production

An official at Santander explained the bank was keen to get involved with the sort of project taking place at Muirhall as wind energy is currently one of the leading methods of the production for cleaner power.

“We are thrilled to support the Muirhall Windfarm extension. Onshore wind already plays a leading role in the generation of renewable energy in the UK and will be key in reducing greenhouse emissions. Muirhall Energy has an experienced team and I look forward to working with them,” said Arthur Lawrence, relationship director for Santander Corporate & Commercial.

Chris Walker, managing director of Muirhall Energy, said the company is passionate about being able to provide renewable energy to the community that not only helps the environment, but also assists with the price of bills.

“We are delighted that we have secured the finance to purchase the extra turbines to significantly increase the productivity of the Muirhall Windfarm. As demand for power increases and fossil fuel reserves deplete it is important we continue make the most of alternative sources of energy and wind power continues to be one of the most cost effective and green solutions.”

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