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Employees set companies back £300m on energy costs

New study suggests energy efficiency training in the workplace could mean huge savings for British firms

office workerResearch carried out by the Carbon Trust found that UK companies could save close to £300m by adopting energy-efficient behaviours.

The poll, which was carried out on 1,135 employees, discovered that 92% are concerned about the cost of energy in their homes, but just 47% have the same concerns at work.

Companies not educating staff

The study also found that companies were not taking action to inverse these figures. Less than a quarter of employees are asked to save energy in the office and only 13% are rewarded for doing so.

Carbon Trust pointed out that companies had much to gain from changing this behaviour. The organisation said that a 10% reduction in the energy used to light offices would result in a saving of £55m in the UK.

Other easy-to-implement examples given include turning down the heating by a single degree, cutting landfill waste and generally reducing office electricity use, could save businesses roughly £120m every year.

In addition, these simple measures would serve to reduce CO2 emissions by 500,000 tonnes a year.

 ‘When most of us enter the office, we take far less care to save energy’

Speaking on the survey, Managing Director of Programmes at the Carbon Trust Richard Rugg, said: “Employees are the greatest asset of UK business, but when most of us enter the office, we take far less care to save energy and use resources efficiently than we do at home.

“The good news is that employees are willing to help and by understanding how employees act in the workplace, businesses can unlock significant bottom line savings.”

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