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EDF Energy hikes gas and electricity prices by £47 today

EDF Energy has today implemented a gas and electricity price rise of 3.9%

EDF Energy has today implemented a gas and electricity price rise of 3.9%

The 3.9% or £47 price rise is effective for EDF Energy clients as of today and will see cash and cheque customers’ bills increase from £1,190 to £1,237 per annum.

EDF Energy was able to limit the price increase compared to a number of the big six energy companies as it anticipated cuts to green levies on energy bills.

Several suppliers have yet to confirm when these costs will be taken off customer bills.

Average household energy bills


Pre-hike bill

Post-hike bill

Hike effective

Bill after levy reduction

Cut effective

British Gas






EDF Energy

















TBC 2014






TBC 2014






March 2014






Based on a medium user consuming 3,200 kWh of electricity and 13,500 kWh of gas on a standard dual fuel tariff, paying quarterly by cash and cheque, with bill sizes averaged across all regions. *Based on DECC’s calculation that reductions will be worth £38 on average with an additional £12 rebate being passed directly to consumers in Autumn 2014.

Green levy cuts not yet implemented across the board

EDF Energy’s price rise takes into account cuts to green levies which were recently introduced by the government in order to lower energy bills. On the 1 January 2014 British Gas implemented a £41 price cut, taking its 9.2% winter price rise down by 3.2%.

EDF Energy and E.ON have already factored green levy cuts into their winter price rises, however SSE will not be reducing costs until spring 2014 and npower and ScottishPower have not announced when cuts will be reflected in consumer bills.

Lack of details illustrates ‘complete lack of understanding’

Claire Osborne, energy expert at uSwitch, said: “While EDF Energy, E.ON and British Gas customers now know where they stand, the same cannot be said for customers of the other big six suppliers.

“The lack of meaningful conversation regarding price cuts will not be going down well with consumers as it seems to demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the pressure they are under. Affordability is a struggle for many and any reduction, no matter how small, will make a difference to those struggling to keep their homes warm this winter.

‘We urge suppliers to tell their customers now about the price cuts’

“We would urge suppliers to tell their customers now about the price cuts they will be making and to ensure that any reductions are backdated so that customers will feel the benefit throughout winter. It does not seem fair that some consumers are left with higher winter bills simply because their supplier delayed passing on the benefit of Government changes to the levies on bills,” continued Osborne.

“While suppliers are delaying, consumers shouldn’t. They should be shopping around now for a competitive energy deal that will cut the cost of their winter bills and potentially protect them from future price hikes too. The Government can only do so much to help – but thankfully there is a lot more consumers can do to help themselves to cheaper bills.” 

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