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EU to implement new energy saving targets?

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have led the Energy Commissioner to review the current Energy Efficiency Directive

New binding targets would look to increase energy security

New binding targets would look to increase energy security

According to BusinessGreen, the European Commission is considering implementing a revised energy efficiency target for 2030. The policy is aimed at maintaining a certain level of energy security in light of events taking place in the Ukraine and Russia.

Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger is allegedly considering setting a target to reduce energy consumption by up to 35% as part of the new initiative.

Plans likely to meet resistance

Many European member states are likely to oppose any legislation requiring them to use a set amount of renewable energy or reduce consumption to certain levels. Countries such as the UK are in favour of a more flexible approach, which would instead comprise of a broad energy use reduction target, and leave it to their discretion how they will achieve it.

The latter is in line with the Commission’s original proposals, however, the ongoing situation between Russia and Ukraine has made energy security a priority. It is now thought that subsequent proposals will require the use of certain green technologies to produce energy, in a bid to reduce reliance on imported gas.

Proposals could mean boost green businesses

The new plans are expected to be unveiled in August this year and should the stricter targets be approved, a number of businesses focussed on creating green energy would be expected to thrive.

The European Union has currently agreed a non-binding emission reduction targets for 2020, but a study by the European Environment Agency in 2013 found that only four of the 28 member states were in line to meet their efficiency goals.

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  • Nigel Deacon

    The best way of ensuring energy security is to invest in research to make sure that it is plentiful and produced in an economical way. More implementation of nuclear would be a good way to begin.