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Despite efforts to reunite former energy customers with cash, £235m lays unclaimed


Does your former energy supplier owe you £88?

Last year, the big six announced plans to help make it easier for former customers to claim back any credit left in their energy account at the time they switched. Six months on, new research from uSwitch found that there is still up to £235 million in unclaimed credit sitting around in these closed accounts.

With the amount of consumers switching energy supplier increasing due to major government campaigns, the number of closed accounts is increasing as well. Often, those accounts are closed while in credit — on average £88 worth.

Consumers in the dark about their credit

The recent uSwitch survey of 2,000 adults in the UK found that 23% of energy switchers simply didn’t know whether their old account was in credit or not. Of those who did know their situation at the time of switching, more than half (52%) did in fact have a credit owed back to them.

Of these people, 79% had succeeded in reclaiming that credit of £88 on average.

How to claim your energy credit

If consumers think they may be owed money from a previous supplier, they simply need to contact that supplier. There is no time limit on claiming back your credit, but customers do need proof of identity and any former address information. Old account information (such as an old bill) is helpful but not required.

Contact your formers supplier using the following links:

You can also contact My Energy Credit helpline on 0370 737 7770 or visit their site at

Is more being done to help consumers?

While the process is in place to make claiming energy credit as straightforward as possible, uSwitch Energy Expert Tom Lyon says more can be done to raise awareness of the credit:

“It’s fantastic to see so many households successfully reclaiming what is rightfully theirs, yet almost a quarter could still be missing out on balances left languishing in dormant accounts.

“With six in ten people admitting they are rationing their energy use to save money, any unclaimed funds could go a long way to helping pay this winter’s bills. We urge the industry to continue with its campaign to help reunite as many consumers as possible with money from old accounts.

“It’s particularly encouraging to see that almost two thirds of consumers who claimed money back said they found the process easy.

“Consumers should check with any previous suppliers to see if they’re due a refund. If you’re about to switch, make sure to take meter readings and give them to both companies for a final statement. This will ensure that your old account is closed properly and you receive any refund due.”


  • Jacob

    I used to be with N Power, it was impossible to contact them, I changed to First Utilities, they are brilliant and my Bills are almost 50% cheaper, they e-mail you every Month and you e-mail back your readings so you only pay for what you use.

  • Richard

    I cannot believe so many people fail to claim back credit balances. Must have more money than sense. I have switched three or four times over past few years and always had my credit returned within a reasonable period. However that said the onus should be on the supplier to make automatic refunds, customers shouldn’t need to beg for their money back.

  • disgusted

    maybe customers are having the same problem as me. scottish power contacted me in july 2014 to inform me that they owed me money and were going to refund it to my account. i emailed them and asked them not to as my account details had changed. several months and several emails later i am still waiting for my money. it must take a long time for a snail to deliver a cheque from india