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Thermo-spats: temperature control set to cause a billion rows this winter

Thermo-spats: temperature control set to cause a billion rows this winter

The ideal temperature of the home is often a heated debate within households.

According to new research from Uswitch, Brits are predicted to clash over the heating a colossal 972 million times this winter. The average household is set to squabble over the thermostat every other day over the Christmas period and beyond.

Couples have been crowned the worst culprits, averaging over 24 thermo-spats throughout winter, with millennials proven to be the most pedantic partners, fighting over the thermostat more than 40 times over winter.

According to the research, six in ten (57%) adults admit they will go behind the backs of their loved ones to sneakily change the heating in their homes without anyone else knowing.

Thanks to smart thermostats being able to be controlled from your phone, the sneakiness could be even more frequent in the future, remotely. Rather than sneaking off to manually change the thermostat, one in ten adults admit that they would secretly control the temperature from their phone if they had the ability to do so.

Almost one in ten (7%) men even own up to the fact that – if they had a smart thermostat – they would only allow the app to be installed on their phone, to prevent anyone else taking remote control.

Benefits of lowering temperature by 1° celcius

Lowering your average thermostat temperature by 1° can save up to £85 a year on your energy bill. But not only can this trick shed financial pounds:

Dr James Betts, Research Scientist at the University of Bath, says that lowering the temperature by just one degree could benefit people’s waistlines by advancing an individual’s metabolic rate, and in turn, increasing the number of calories burned.

Given the tradition of Christmas indulgence, this could be just what the nation needs to help stay trim over the festive period as well as avoiding household heating feuds.

Dr James Betts adds:

“While a room temperature of 20oc or more may be comfortable for many people, a slightly cooler environment can encourage your body to work harder to keep you warm.

As your body works to maintain its core temperature, it may spend more calories and so go some way to make up for any excessive holiday binging.

However, anyone hoping this increase in metabolism will help them manage their body weight should also be aware that a cooler home could also lead to a bigger appetite, and make those seasonal treats even harder to resist.”


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