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Energy switching up for the first time since lockdown

Energy switching up for the first time since lockdown

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The number of people switching their energy supplier has increased for the first time since the start of the Coronavirus lockdown, according to the latest figures from Energy UK.

The new data reveals that 450,000 households switched their electricity in June, an increase of 1% compared to June 2019.

Almost 3 million people have switched supplier so far this year, a reduction of 3.9% at the same point last year.

Lockdown bill shock

Energy switching has slowed over lockdown compared to the same period last year, despite the extra energy costs people are racking up while spending more time at home.

Cordelia Samson, energy expert at Uswitch, said: "It's good news to see that the number of people switching energy suppliers has risen for the first time during lockdown."

"Households have been using more energy than usual while staying at home, and the extra heating and electricity is predicted to add £195 a year to bills."

Standard variable tariffs

The people that could benefit most from switching are those who are on a standard variable tariff, which is typically the most expensive type of energy plan.

According to Ofgem, more than half (53%) of UK households are on a standard variable rate tariff. If you've never switched your energy or if it's been a year or more, it's likely you're on one too.

Cordelia Samson said: "Too many families under financial pressure are still paying over the odds for their energy, and switching suppliers is a great way to save money."

"If you're on a standard variable tariff, do a search online and see how much money you could save by moving to a fixed deal."

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