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Uswitch comments on Ofcom’s Connected Nations Report

 Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, commented: “Lightning-quick connections made a giant leap forward in 2021, with full fibre doubling its footprint and 5G now available outdoors for half of the UK’s homes.

“Taking full fibre infrastructure to eight million households is an impressive achievement, but it’s sobering to think that fewer than two million are actually taking advantage of these connections.

“The lack of awareness about what speeds consumers could be getting is a constant problem, highlighted by the fact that nine of the UK’s slowest streets for broadband could be enjoying superfast or ultrafast speeds[1].

“With more than seven million people out of contract and potentially overpaying for their broadband deals, it’s time for consumers to check what price they’re paying for the speeds they’re getting and see if they can do better. 

“Ofcom's figures also reveal the darker side of the digital divide, as 123,000 households are lagging behind without a decent 10Mbps connection.

“Large-scale investments by broadband networks to upgrade Britain’s infrastructure are starting to pay off, but it’s critical that households in more rural areas are not left behind.” 



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