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Data–free streaming and browsing: Everything you need to know

Streaming music, binge-watching the latest TV shows and scrolling through messages and social media. It all adds up and can leave your monthly data allowance decimated.

Thankfully though, networks are getting wise to these modern-day difficulties, with forward thinking carriers starting to offer data heavy services as part of their contracts. It all means that you can use some of the world’s biggest internet–connected services while out and about without eating into the data you pay for.

With a new front being opened up in the never-ending war for your hard–earned cash, here’s everything you need to know about the services you can get data–free.


Netflix phone app

Part of Three’s game–changing Go Binge scheme, Netflix streaming is perhaps the biggest and best example of data–free access to big name services.

Customers on Three’s Advanced Plans or those who pay for 4GB or more of data can qualify, whether they’re new or existing customers. It goes without saying that streaming video can chew through a lot of data, so this is a cracking offer.

The only caveat is that you’ll need to stay within your monthly limit when using data for other services.

Deezer, SoundCloud and TV Player

Three's Go Binge logo

Music streaming service Deezer is also included in Three’s Go Binge package, along with new music mecca SoundCloud and live TV service TV Player.

While Deezer might not have the same cache as the likes of Spotify, it has a superb library and might just be worth switching to if you’re a Three customer and want to save your data for web browsing and social media.

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Apple Music

Apple Music hero

EE’s foray into the world of data–free streaming is a big one. It’s extended its six-month free trial of Apple Music to all pay monthly handset and SIM only customers, while also allowing them to stream and download music and video without hammering their monthly gigabyte allowance.

It’s a bold move, especially as Apple Music is growing massively and is on course to take over Spotify. The six-month freebie also means you’ll save the best part of £60 in subscription fees too.

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Twitter app on phone

Virgin Mobile has added Twitter to its data–free offer, allowing users to tweet, scroll and stalk without using any extra data. The only thing not included is streaming live video, which isn’t exactly a hardship. It marks Virgin’s territory and certainly puts bigger networks on notice.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger

For some time now, Virgin has offered data–free access to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. While Three and EE are focused on more data heavy services, Virgin’s decision to focus on these more everyday tools is welcome and shows the way for the major players.

It surely won’t be long before a network bundles all of these key functions into one package and lets users tap into their data for other things.

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