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Sky Mobile and TV bundle for £35 per month: five things you need to know

Ever since Sky launched its mobile-phone network in January, we’ve been waiting for it to make us a really good offer with TV thrown in.

The good news is that it's now here.

With the chance to snare a very good phone and get the very best TV, the time-limited deal is well worth a look.

Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about the time-limited promotion.

1 iPhone SE included

iPhone SE official

Perhaps the best part of Sky’s offer is the fact that it’s not offering a second-rate smartphone to sweeten a cheap TV deal.

Consumers who sign up will get an Apple iPhone SE, which includes the best of the California company’s tech in a smaller, 4–inch package.

The price of £10 a month for the phone includes 500MB data and unlimited calls and texts.

And because it’s part of Sky’s Swap24 deal, you’ll be able to upgrade to a new phone after two years.

It represents the cheapest iPhone SE deal in the UK with no upfront cost.

How does Sky Swap work? Here's everything you need to know.

2 You get cheap TV too

sky q composite

The TV part of the deal comes in at just £25 per month, £7 less than if bought as a standalone deal, taking the overall price of the mobile and TV bundle to just £35.

This gets you a Sky Variety bundle on Sky Q, with access to 70 channels not available on Freeview, including Sky Atlantic.

Sky Q offers improved quality over standard Sky+HD. There’s also access to the Ski Kids app, with shows available on demand or to download.

Get the inside on Sky Q with our FAQ.

3 Extras available

sky cinema for deal

If you want more, Sky says you can pay extra to snare added entertainment.

Its box sets bundle is up for grabs for just £6 per month on top of the £35 fee. Sky Cinema, with access to hundreds of movies, can be picked up for a further £10 per month.

4 New and existing customers can take advantage

The Sky mobile and TV bundle is available to both new customers and existing Sky TV subscribers looking to get a new contract.

That means there’s scope here to save a fortune if you’re already on Sky and even if you’re not and are looking for a way to cut back on monthly bills but still get the best in at home and on–the–go entertainment.

5 Available now...but hurry

Sky says its new deal will be available from today, 25th August.

However, the offer ends on 14th September, meaning you’ve only got three weeks to make sure you’re signed up in order to take advantage.

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