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SMARTY refer a friend scheme: what you need to know

SMARTY, which bills itself as the UK’s ‘simplest and most honest network ever’, has kicked off 2018 with a new money-saving refer-a-friend scheme.

The network, which specialises in SIM only deals with an onus on simplicity and uses Three’s 4G and 3G towers, is a very good bet for anyone looking to keep costs down.

And with this new scheme, it seems there are now even more savings to be had.

But how does it stack up against other referall schemes? How much can you really save? And who's eligible?

Read on for everything you need to know.

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Refer a friend, get a month free

4 people on phones

It’s really pretty simple. Once you’ve joined SMARTY, on any of its small, medium or large SIM only deals, you’ll get a unique 'sharing' link.

Give this to a friend or a family member, and you’ll receive one month of free calls, texts and data.

So, if you have SMARTY’s large pack, you could save £15 over one month by simply referring someone to the network.

Better still, when your friend joins SMARTY they qualify for a free month too.

There's no limits

The best thing about SMARTY’s refer a friend offer is that it’s always available.

That means you can give your unique sharing link to as many people as you like and as long as they take up the offer, you’ll get a free month for every referral.

Refer 12 friends and you’ll get a whole year of calls, texts and data for free.

Discounts rollover from free months too

Smarty discount

One of SMARTY’s biggest selling points is its unused data discount, meaning if you don’t use your full allowance you’ll get money off your bill at the end of the month.

And now, if you have a free month but don’t use all your data, you’ll still have the discount rolled over to the next month.

As SMARTY says on its FAQ page: “When your free month ends, we’ll still calculate your data discount the same way as if you’d paid for it.”

We take a closer look at SMARTY's unused data discount and tariffs in our network guide.

But there's no discount if your next month is free

It goes without saying that if your next month is free thanks to referring a friend, the data allowance you’ve not used won’t come off the following month’s bill, as it will be zero.

A data discount therefore cannot skip a month, although if you stay under your allowance during your free month, as above, then your bill could still come down.

How does SMARTY’s referral scheme compare to rival offers?

best network coverage

Free data, calls and texts are nothing to be sniffed at, and SMARTY’s offer stands up very well compared with its big name rivals.

giffgaff offers £5 payback and £10 credit for every friend a user brings onto its network.

Three meanwhile, gives a £25 Amazon voucher to both the customer who refers a friend and the new customer too.

Vodafone’s Introduce A Friend deal includes a £50 Amazon voucher for the referrer, plus 10% off monthly line rental for the referred friend, with the option to introduce 10 friend in a calendar year.

Casting an eye over those offers, we reckon SMARTY’s may well be the best of the lot.

Want a SIM only deal, but not sure SMARTY's right for you? We've collated our pick of the best deals on our SIM only comparison page.

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