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Top 6 reasons to switch mobile phone network

Switch network and you can cut your monthly outgoings, grab a free lunch every week or make savings on your weekly shopping bill.

But that's not all. Much more important than is that switching is a passport to better coverage and customer service.

The good news is that it’s very simple and quick to switch. And the better news is that it’s a breeze to keep your existing number too.

Still not convinced? Here’s some cast-iron reasons you might want to reconsider.

1 Switching is easy. And so’s keeping your existing number

Woman talking on phone at breakfast

Leaving your network is just a case of ringing your existing provider to inform them you want to leave and that you’d like them to unlock your phone. It’s best to do this just as your contract is winding down - maybe the month before it ends. Then just call the provider you want to join and they’ll send you out a SIM card.

No charge applies for unlocking your phone, as long as you’re out of contract.

Want to keep your existing number when you switch? That’s easy too. All you need to do is phone the provider you’re leaving and ask for a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC). Once you've got it, you can just call the network you’re joining and give them the PAC.

While the number transfer is being enacted, which usually happens the next working day, you may lose service for a very short time. But because your old number remains active you’ll still be able receive calls and texts.

We walk you through the steps for keeping your existing number in this simple-to-follow guide to number porting.

Need any more help? Don’t worry, we’re right here. If you’ve got any queries about switching network, get in touch with us on our Twitter account. If you’re not on Twitter, you can reach us on Facebook too.

2 You’re not happy with the service you’re getting

No phone signal

Got bad reception or poor internet speeds in your home or locality? Frustrated by bad customer service? Been overcharged? Not been offered the sort of deal you think your loyalty to the network merits? Don’t stand for it.

If you’re out of contract or you’re on a rolling contract, it’s time to vote with your feet.

Need a bit of help finding a network that offers good coverage in your area? We take a look at the major networks in this guide.

Alternatively, take a look at the winners of uSwitch’s 2017 Mobile Awards to get a good idea of which networks are rated highly by consumers.

3 Double data time-limited offers

Man holding two phones data transfer

From time to time, major networks run SIM-only promotions that offer twice the amount of data as usual for the same price. They’re well worth looking out for if you’re constantly rubbing up against your existing monthly data limit, or if you're just looking to trim your monthly outgoings.

If you’re a heavy user on a 8GB per month plan, you could get the same amount of data you’re paying for for half the outlay. That could save you £10 or so per month. Or £120 over a year.

The double-data deals aren’t just for heavy users, though. At the time of writing, Three is offering 4GB for the price of 2GB on its SIM-only Essential plan. That comes in at £11 per month and includes unlimited minutes too.

Want help finding a good deal? Once again, get in touch with us on Twitter account or Facebook and we'll get our finest minds on the case.

4 There are some great perks to be had

O2 Priority tickets gig

Major networks offer a range of sweeteners with their contracts.

With EE right now, you can get a free subscription to Apple Music and BT Sport. Opt for O2 and you can get priority booking for concerts and shows and a £1 lunch at high-street outlets.

Choose Tesco Mobile and every time you pay your bill you’ll accumulate ClubCard points to spend on your weekly shop.

If you’re already paying for Spotify anyway, changing network that offers it for free could mean you save money. Similarly if you shop at Tesco, then switching to Tesco Mobile could be a smart move.

We take a closer look at what networks’ perks and exactly what’s on offer in this one-stop guide.

5 You don’t use the sweeteners you’re currently paying for

Smartphone and laptop

Although they’re advertised as free, the cost of the perks listed above are really just included in the price of your monthly contract.

So if you’ve got a Spotify subscription or priority concert booking that comes ‘free’ with your contract, but don’t actually make much use of either, it makes sense to find a contract that offers freebies you will use.

Or you could go for a deal with no freebies but the same monthly allowances. That way you’ll save yourself some cash.

6 You’re off on holiday and need a network with free roaming

Switch off roaming abroad

All being well, roaming charges to use your phone in the EU look like they’ll be scrapped in June 2017. At long last.

But if you’re holidaying in Europe before then, it makes sense to ensure you’re signed up to a network that’s good for roaming.

Three’s Feel at Home comes highly recommended, while select Vodafone contracts offer inclusive data roaming for no extra charge.

We look at each of the major networks’ roaming offers on this one-stop guide.

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