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WWDC 2016: 5 things to look out for

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WWDC – Apple's worldwide developers conference – will most likely take place in the third week of June.

Thanks to some sleuthing by Mac Rumors, it emerges that Moscone West, the venue Apple has used for the event since 2007, is suspiciously free that week.

Putting two and two together, it makes sense that WWDC will take place from the 13-17th of June.

WWDC always plays host to a few surprises.

Apple has used previous years to announce new iterations of its iOS mobile operating system, new software for the Apple Watch, and Apple Music.

So what's in store this year? Hopefully this little lot.

1 iOS 10


This one is a dead cert. Apple debuted iOS 9 at last year's WWDC, iOS 8 at 2014's and iOS 7 at 2013's.

So any change of schedule would be way out of left field.

As ever, it will be a beta version, so will only be available to developers at first.

Apple does this to road test it for a few months – developers report any bugs, and what they like and don't like about it.

Then Apple will polish it until it's ready for us punters around September time.

But you don't have to wait until September. Apple is likely to open up a public beta, as it did with iOS 9 last year.

That means that us regular Joes can sign up and experience the operating system early. Just don't be surprised if it has its fair share of bugs.

2 Boosted Siri

WWDC - siri

iOS 10 will undoubtedly see Siri get a boost, as happens in every iteration of iOS.

According to a report by Business Insider, Siri will be able to transcribe your voicemail messages, so you can read them instead of listening.

Which should be much more convenient, especially in loud environments.

The report also says Siri will be able to tell callers why you can't answer the phone.

Let's hope you can dictate why, instead of leaving it up to Siri's trademark caustic wit.

3 Apple Watch 2

EEDC - apple watch announcement

Recent reports suggest the next generation of Apple Watch will launch at an event in March. However, doubt has since been cast on that.

Sources speaking to TechCrunch say that Apple will launch a new Apple Watch in March, but that it will be only a slight improvement.

Enhancements include a FaceTime camera, but not much else.

Hence Apple could be saving the first real improvement of the device until later in the year.

Which could mean June's WWDC, or even later, at the iPhone 7 launch in September.

4 Enhanced 3D Touch

WWDC - enhanced 3D touch

3D Touch was one of the main selling points of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus when they launched in September.

While it's undoubtedly a cool feature, it could be implemented a little more extensively throughout the phone.

We would expect Apple to bring 3D Touch to Control Centre, for starters. That would give you more control over essential settings like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Apple is also said to be considering ditching the home button, to replace it with an Android-style on-screen button that's equipped with 3D Touch.

Apple loves the minimalist approach, so if it can get rid of a button, it will.

Just look at the iMac – the power button is hidden around the back, out of view.

A phone with no buttons on the front would be much more Apple's aesthetic.

5 No new iPhones or iPads

apple wwdc

Sadly, WWDC is notable for a lack of hardware. Expect the iPhone 7 to launch in September, and the iPad Air 3 to debut in March.

But what we don't get in hardware, the software should more than make up for.

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