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  5. LG and Heidi Klum up the ante for fashion phones

LG and Heidi Klum up the ante for fashion phones

The fashion phone phenomenon appears to be reaching fever pitch. Today it was confirmed that supermodel Heidi Klum has designed five back plates for the forthcoming US release of the LG Rumor 2. The limited-edition offerings will apparently offer catwalk style at a high-street price of just £12.00.

Whether La Klum really did design them is a moot point. Rather like those popstars who front clothing lines for Top Shop and Primark, we think it’s more likely that she has just put her name to them. Still, it’s a savvy move from LG which, with handsets such as their Prada collaborations, seems to be carving itself out a niche as the most fashionable of fashion phone purveyors.

Alas, currently there are no plans to release the back plates in the UK. But we’d suggest that rather than opting for a pre-designed one, why not use the online tools provided by LG to make your own custom designs? Not only will your phone be more unique, but you’ll get to exercise your own creativity, too.

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