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  5. Mobile phone ad gets the jump on other virals

Mobile phone ad gets the jump on other virals

The spot features lid-erally hundreds of young attractive types on space hoppers as they make their way through a stylish European capital to a feelgood Latin soundtrack. At the end, they arrive mob-handed in a local piazza where they’re greeted by space hopper so gargantuan that it makes The Blob of film-fame look like a bouncy ball.


So far, so quirky. But it’s the bits in between when the ad really flies. On the way to the town square, we see a series of brilliant slapstick mishaps of the sort that make You’ve Been Framed conclusively funnier than any amount of sophisticated drawing room comedies of manners. I love it. And am not ashamed to admit it.

But that’s not all. Sony Ericsson has also created a neat site where you can design your own space hopper. Here, you can add facial features and, depending on how much of a risk-taker you are, even set the bounce level to dangerously high levels.

But will the ad sell any phones, you ask? Who knows. But I can say that watching these Jumping Jack Flashes having a gas, gas, gas is the best viral I’ve seen in ages.

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