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Nokia showcases X6 and X3 mobiles

Nokia showcases X6 and X3 mobiles

The Nokia World 2009 expo has seen the unveiling of two newjavascript:void(0);, stunning-looking music-focussed mobile phones in the form of the X6 and the X3.

Expected to launch before the end of the year, the X6 features an angular, sleek form factor that has led many to describe it as the Finnish company’s best-designed phone ever.

The X6 will come packaged with Nokia’s all-you-can-eat music download service Comes With Music and will feature 32GB of internal memory. A price point of £395 is predicted when the phone is bought outright.

Meanwhile, the Nokia X3 is essentially a slimmed down version of the X6 with expandable memory of up to 16GB via microSD card and is expected to go on sale for as little as £100.

Jo Harlow, Nokia’s vice president, commented: "The Nokia X6 and Comes With Music is a powerful combination, enabling music fans to download all the music they could ever want - quickly, easily and for free.

“We're giving people convenient access to and ownership of a vast music library and an exciting new touchscreen device to play their music on."

Nokia’s current flagship phone for 2009 is the N97, which offers computer-style functionality, a QWERTY keyboard and HSDPA support for fast downloads.

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