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Crunch rings changes for mobile phone network sharing

According to a report from the Times, the Orange and T-Mobile merger will see some 8,000 masts decommissioned. A further 5,000 should also be on the way out as a result of an agreement between T-Mobile and O2. And the latter’s network sharing deal with Vodafone will see “several thousand” more disposed of.

Farmer Fields

That’s great news for anyone who with an interest in keeping Albion’s green and pleasant land remains green and pleasant and free of unsightly blights on the landscape. And it ought to be good news for consumers, too. Sharing networks also means sharing maintenance costs, which should result in cheaper tariffs for you and I.

Naturally, there will be some losers. Not least farmers. For years now the rent for hosting masts on their land has been crucially in offsetting financially ruinous deals with supermarkets. But, with this revenue stream now cut off, you’d venture that many won’t be eyeing a brand new combine harvester any time soon.

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