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Firefox Mobile browser nearly unleashed

Firefox Mobile browser nearly unleashed

The launch of the first Firefox mobile web browser has been a long time coming, but the development process should be coming to a close as the team finalise the highly anticipated application for release this month.

At first, Firefox Mobile will be exclusively available on Nokia's new Maemo-based smartphone the N900. However, versions for both Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows Mobile platforms should quickly follow the initial version.

Experts who have been able to play around with the new Firefox app already have been impressed as to how well most of the features from the full PC version have been integrated into the mobile adaptation.

More than 30 augmentations will be available when Firefox Mobile is released and classic features such as tabbed browsing and the automatic search bar have been seamlessly woven into the fabric of the mobile release.

N900 owners will be required to download the Firefox Mobile app, despite its initial exclusivity to the smartphone, although this sits well with its image as a fully functional third party piece of software that users need to choose rather than have forced upon them.

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