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Goodbye LG Cookie, hello LG Muffin?

Goodbye LG Cookie, hello LG Muffin?

After selling over ten million units of its Cookie mobile phone, LG is looking to continue naming its handsets after sweet treats by releasing a successor called the LG Muffin.

The low cost Cookie proved surprisingly popular, clinching the youth market with its widgets and touch sensitive screen that aped that of more expensive smartphones. The Muffin expands on the basic functions by including a capacitive rather than a resistive touch screen and a five megapixel camera.

According to reports, the Muffin may also have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and HSDPA for fast mobile internet. It will also borrow the S-Class user interface from the LG Arena and BL40 Chocolate smartphones.

Those who are not enamoured by the slightly childish approach to naming its handsets that LG has taken of late can refer to the Muffin by its more adult-sounding model number, the KP900. A hand-drawn picture claiming to represent the appearance of the Muffin has emerged online, although the somewhat amateurish look has caused most to discount it as a half-hearted hoax.

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