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Windows Mobile 7 expected in 2010

Windows Mobile 7 expected in 2010

As the most prolific promoter of the Windows Mobile platform, it is no surprise that HTC has announced its intentions to include the latest version of the platform in a number of new smartphones from the middle of next year.

Windows Mobile 7 is still in development over at Microsoft and three HTC mobiles which will use the platform have already been announced. The Trophy, Tera and Photon could all be T-Mobile exclusives, but HTC promises that even more Windows Mobile 7 phones will emerge on different networks throughout the year.

Microsoft has already confirmed its partnership with HTC for the launch of the first Windows Mobile 7 smartphone and rumours suggest that by September 2010 there could be several different examples available for various niche markets.

The final news from official sources is not expected until April, when Microsoft plans to have finished working on the new mobile operating system. In spite of official sources claiming that it will not be ready until later next year, many hope that this news will herald a much earlier release of the much anticipated update.

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