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Fashion apps set for 2010 domination

Fashion apps set for 2010 domination

The iPhone is already an established style accessory, but now the great and the good from the glamorous world of the catwalk are falling over each other to produce the next big fashion app for Apple's superlative smartphone.

The instant bond that an app forms between retailer and consumer is making them more important than websites for some businesses, with industry innovators Net-A-Porter taking the lead and selling apps by the bucketload.

Net-A-Porter's Alison Leohnis said that the most important possibility created by an app was that it allowed 24 hour shopping for its customers, which is apparently what its target audience requires.

So far over 150,000 people have downloaded the Net-A-Porter app and its creator hopes to continue supporting the software with new content and exclusive offers.

Most major fashion labels have launched an app for the iPhone, including Nike, Chanel and Abercrombie & Fitch. Functionality varies, but most offer instant shopping opportunities, as well as news and other label-specific content.

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