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  5. Lenovo releases pictures of 'Lephone'

Lenovo releases pictures of 'Lephone'

Lenovo releases pictures of 'Lephone'

Once you have got over its slightly silly name, the Lenovo Lephone looks rather interesting, with its Android-based operating system and unique looks which have now been revealed in a series of press photos.

The Lephone is unique amongst the current generation of smartphones because it has a fully detachable QWERTY keypad.

So by day, it can be a standalone touchscreen-only phone, while by night it can be clipped into its clamshell housing along with the keypad and be used to type long messages and emails.

Lenovo has modified the Android UI to make it look and operate like no other Android-based mobile and the 3.7-inch AMOLED screen matches up to the display sported by the Nexus One.

Plastic, chrome and curved edges make the Lephone look highly attractive and experts have compared its shape to that of the Palm Pre.

The QWERTY keypad is one of the more interesting features of the Lephone, as the keys are laid out in concentric circles around a central navigation pad, although there is no way of telling how well this will work without actually getting your hands on the device.

A fairly standard 3.2 megapixel camera is to be found on the back of the phone and a front-facing VGA camera will make video calling possible.

Whether the Lephone will actually function well on top of looking great is something that will no doubt be discovered over the coming months and while this phone is currently listed as being exclusively in development for the Chinese market, it is likely to find its way into the wider market over time.

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