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LG GW990 denied UK release

LG GW990 denied UK release

Despite generating significant publicity at CES 2010 with the Moorestown platform and the LG GW990 smartphone that will make use of it, there are no current plans for the mobile to surface in the UK market says LG.

The GW990 will unsurprisingly take the form of a touchscreen smartphone and will use a processor modified from Intel's Atom range to power the Linux-based Moblin mobile operating system.

When technology site V3 approached LG for further information, it was told by a spokesperson for the manufacturer that only American consumers would be able to purchase the GW990 when it is launched in the second half of 2010.

The spokesperson would not be drawn as to the specific reasons behind this decision, but it is likely that the US will be used as a test market to iron out the issues and examine consumer receptiveness to the new platform before it is modified for the global market.

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